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Title: Eu, terra do meio (Me, Middle Earth)
Subtitle: Corpo de mulher e leitura popular da Bíblia
Subtitle: (Women’s Bodies and Popular Bible-Reading)
Subject: Popular Bible-Reading
Year: 2007
Author: Maria Soave Buscemi
Foreword: Nancy Cardoso Pereira
Format: 16x23
Pages: 160
Publisher: Nhanduti Editora
ISBN: 9788560990016

In Brazil, the “Terra do Meio”, Middle-Earth, is a region of Amazon rainforest relatively intact that stretches out for 8,3 millions hectares between the Xingu River and the Tapajós River, in the State of Pará. To the north, it borders the indigenous territories Arara, Kararaô e Cachoeira Seca do Iriri; to the west, the Cuiabá-Santarém-Highway; to the east, the Xingu River; and to the south, the indigenous lands of the Kayapó.

The mountainous terrain and the presence of indigenous communities that protect aggressively and affectively their lands helped to preserve the region relatively intact. The Brazilian Middle-Earth became the asylum of wild animals and birds as the deforestation approaches its borders – a process that started some decades ago by the construction of three big highways to the north, east and west of the indigenous lands.

The characteristics of the soil and the relief, together with the intense rainfalls, bring about an elevated biological diversity associated to the diversity of ways of life cultivated by the traditional populations.

But there is another Terra do Meio, Middle-Earth. It is Messapia, in Italy, and the Greek word means “the earth in the middle of the see”. A small piece of earth bathed on all sides by the Mediterranean See. A small piece of Terra do Meio which always welcomed people from every land, ethnicity and culture. People with their tales, songs and stories.

It is the same with this book Terra do Meio by Maria Soave, born over there: this publication, an expression of sensibility and commitment with the defense of the Earth and its living beings, unites communitarian experiences and spaces of Bible studies in a spirit of relatively intact resistance.

Identified with the groups and communities that do not permit themselves to be worn out or overpowered by a triumphalistic bibliolatry, Soave gathers narrative birds and other living beings, rare and necessary specimens that breathe and recreate themselves protected by the mountainous character of the method of Latin American Popular Bible Reading – its method and spirituality.

The Bible is no longer the “great highway” that cuts the east and west of the experiences of small groups, but offers itself as a  theo-poietic humidity that preserves the hermeneutic diversity: long known exegeses dwell side by side with rare and wild approaches. Stories of cure, stories of death and life, stories of intact territories of beauty in the heart of the people.

Nancy Cardoso Pereira

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Maria Soave Buscemi

Eu, Terra do Meio. Corpo de mulher e leitura popular da Bíblia
(Women's Bodies and Popular Bible-Reading)

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I live simply listening and telling stories. LIFE always me teaches, that is, puts into my body, the tissue of my soul, small seeds of hope, the frail truth that being a story-teller is a form of enchantment by Life itself. I know we are a Humanity made of the Word. We are texts, living tissue in relationship. Our stories and self-stories, our tissues of relationship, are the space to construct recreated relations of “other possible worlds”.
In the roads and geographies roamed by the “soul-body-soul”, specially of impoverished women who practice the popular e feminist reading of the Life and the Bible, I realize that by our stories and self-stories e by listening to our collective stories, we, the women, experience the beginning of a mystic-spiritual experience that is a possibility of cure among us and with the Humanity and the Earth.

(Eu, Terra do Meio, 80-81)