Paul Wess

Paul Wess, born 1936 in Vienna (Austria), studied philosophy and theology in Innsbruck (e.g. under Karl Rahner) where he obtained his doctor’s degree in philosophy in 1961. He was ordained in 1962 and worked in Vienna as a parish priest and teacher. After a period of reorientation and further studies (1965/1966), he assumed – initially as a member of a priest team – the pastoral work in a recently founded parish in Vienna (Machstrasse – Mach Street) with the intention to form base communities and to make concrete experiences with a communio church.

In 1968, Wess obtained his doctor’s degree in theology (Innsbruck University) with the dissertation “How to speak about God? A debate with Karl Rahner” (Graz, 1970), and in 1989 his habilitation for lecturing pastoral theology with the dissertation “A Church of Communities – Place of Faith. The Practice as Foundation and Consequence of Theology” (Graz, 1989). In 1996, he started full time university teaching, first as invited professor in Graz (Austria) and Würzburg (Germany), and since 2000 he lectures pastoral theology at Innsbruck University. In 1992, Wess participated in the 8º Intereclesial Encounter of Base Communities (CEBs) in Santa Maria (Brazil), as a member of the Austrian delegation.

In the German speaking countries, Paul Wess is one of the main defendants of base communities, of the revision of faith contents and of the restructuring of the Catholic Church according to the Biblical principles of fraternity and sorority (“Geschwisterliche Kirche”). His numerous essays and articles are available in several books and collections, and there is a great demand for his conferences or round table participations.

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Title: DEUS, Cristo e os Pobres
Title: (GOD, Christ and the Poor)
Subtitle: Libertação e salvação na fé à luz da Bíblia
Subtitle: (Liberation and Salvation in Faith at the Light
Subtitle: of the Bible)
Subject: Liberation Theology, Church of Christian Base
Subtitle: Communities (CEBs)
Year: 2011
Author: Paul Wess
Foreword: João Batista Libanio
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Pages: 208
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ISBN: 9788560990122
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