Title: Para onde vai Nuestra América
Title: (Where is Our America heading to)
Subtitle: Espiritualidade socialista para o século XXI
Subtitle: (Socialist Spirituality for the 21st Century)
Subject: Social processes in Latin America
Year: 2011
Author: Marcelo Barros
Foreword: Leonardo Boff
Format: 16x23
Pages: 240
Publisher: Nhanduti Editora
Edição: 1
ISBN: 9788560990139
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Leonardo Boff:

Each text is, in one way or the other, a kind of provocative for establishing a dialogue between the author and the person who is brave enough to read. This book you are now holding in your hands follows exactly this principle, but in a more profound manner. It was written in a simple and colloquial style. It is also an invitation which Marcelo Barros gives out to whoever feels hunger and thirst for justice. United to many companions on the way, everywhere in Latin America and the Caribbean, he calls us to place ourselves as the protagonists in a new journey of social transformation. This process of structural changes, still fragile and at its beginnings, is taking place in several countries of our continent, and, as Simón Bolívar dreamed at the beginning of the 19th century, it will be able to unite all the peoples of this huge “pátria grande” (great homeland). At present, we see the blossom of new forms of a freedom planted by many brothers and sisters, indios (indigenous), blacks and mestizos, as well as all the people who come together to form what, already in the 19th century, José Martí, Cuban poet and prophet, called: Nuestra America.

In fact, to make good use of this book, you need to believe and bet on this social process which Venezuela calls “Bolivarian revolution”, Ecuador “citizen process”, and even goes under different names in Bolivia and other countries. As stated by Professor Boaventura de Souza Santos: “Latin America is the continent where the socialism of the 21st century has entered the political agenda”.

Since its beginnings, Liberation Theology has positioned itself as a spiritual reflection born at the bases and deepened by the participatory experiences of Christian communities in the processes of struggle and liberation that occurred throughout our continent. In recent years, the contextual theologies, developed in the shape of indigenous, black and feminist theologies, have been in dialogue with currents such as cultural and religious pluralism or with the special challenges of our time. The purpose is a commitment of love and solidarity made by the healthiest part of the Churches and other religions with the new socialist process arising from the indigenous and popular communities in several countries of our continent.

The present book updates this spiritual path by seeking to promote new social processes, not from governments, not even from the most revolutionary ones among them, but rather from the impoverished and popular communities.

Whether you are religious or not, you can draw still other valid conclusions and feel a fresh call for the commitment to liberation, which this book describes in such inspiring way.

“Our America” (Nuestra América) is how the Cuban liberator José Martí called our continent and the Caribbean. In recent years, some popular movements and also common people have been the protagonists of important social and political changes in several countries (especially Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Paraguay). These social and political processes started from the bases and resulted in some significant achievements, like the making of new constitutions and laws with more justice and equality, as well as the election of governments that are more popular and committed to transformation. Even in countries where the new social and political reality is already better implemented, like Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, the processes are still new and not free from internal contradictions. They suffer from difficulties that are inherent to any transformation process. However, one fact cannot be denied: while in other parts of the world the political reality seems to have a backward trend, usually described to be of “right wing” orientation, several Latin American countries show outsets of what professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos calls “essays of a socialism for the 21st century”.

This new reality is the conquest of popular communities and previously not organized groups which gradually have shown a capacity of mobilization that traditional political parties and previous revolutionary intents were never able to achieve. (p. 17)

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Marcelo Barros

Para onde vai Nuestra América. Espiritualidade socialista para o século XXI.
(Where is Our America heading to. Socialist Spirituality for the 21st Century)

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