Title: Passos com paixão (Paces with Passion)
Subtitle: Uma teologia do dia-a-dia
Subtítulo(A Theology of Everyday Life)
Subject: Feminist Theology
Year: 2007
Editor: Lieve Troch
Foreword: Ivone Gebara
Format: 14x21
Pages: 96
Publisher: Nhanduti Editora
ISBN: 9788560990023

The (women) authors of this book transgress established theological theories. They transcend known and renown frontiers as well as the limiting powers, and invite us to think differently. All the texts have something profound or peripheral, interior and exterior, that we search, that we live, that we feel and would like to name with different words – different verbs, different nouns and adjectives. They are insights and teachings of the kitchen, of improvised or learned recipes, of sharing the bread, of tango, of samba, in the bodies’ coming and going, in the approximation and the distancing that makes happen, plurally and always unprecedented, what we call the “human being”. What we see and sometimes call “divine” does not exist outside, but inside; not far away, but near; is not repetitive, but experienced in the variety and monotony of our everyday life...

These theological essays reveal a different world order inside of disorder and violence. They do not pretend to stock eternal fruits, but are meant to be simple and perishable answers that wish to construct meaning in our lives. And all this because they belief that the mystery of life is kept in “earthen vessels” and is nobody’s property.

The authors, all from a European context with particular cultural and religious maps, open herselves for different cultures, mix experiences, analogies, stories and knowledges which show the points that are common to our quests.

I am sure that the Brazilian public will appreciate this new approach and recognize in it a mixture that always has been present also in our culture.

Ivone Gebara

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Lieve Troch

Passos com Paixão. Uma teologia do dia-a-dia
(Paces with Passion. A Theology of Everyday Life)

Theologians of different contexts may find themselves suddenly in pluralist spaces where they are called to be multilingual, polyglot, speaking the language of religious understanding, of science and academy, and sharing the experience of living in new spheres of frontier regions. In those marginal areas happen surprising things that take our balance, like when you go down a staircase and miss the last step, entering in an indefinable space before you manage to recover your balance. There is a blankness between the moment you leave the old environment and the moment you enter a new reality. In this process we may discover, one by one, new metaphors of divinity that will be kept in earthen vessels. Again and again, each day anew, we have to fetch fresh water, so rare and precious. (p. 93)

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