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Title: Paraguay 1515-1870.
Tít o: Una geografía temática de su desarrollo.
Tít o: (Paraguay 1515-1870.
Tít o: A thematic geography of its development)
Subject: Historical Geography of Paraguay
Year: 2011
Author: Jan M. G. Kleinpenning
Foreword: Ignacio Telesca
Format: 30x22x5,5 cm / 11.8x8.8x2,2 inches
Pages: 848
Publisher: Editorial Tiempo de Historia
ISBN: 9789996760945
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Jan Martin Gerard Kleinpenning

Paraguay 1515-1870. Una geografia temática de su desarrollo.
(Paraguay 1515-1870. A thematic geography of its development)

Ignacio Telesca:
TítuloWithout any doubt, today we cannot write a history of Paraguay without consulting the work of Kleinpenning, and this for several reasons among which I shall present here only two.
TítuloFirst because it is an excellent compendium of everything that has been written on Paraguay. Of everything. From the traditional classic works to the leaflets we read about only in the extensive bibliography contained in this work. The author does not work with primary sources and makes this immediately clear in his introduction. He does not resort to all the archives, but visited all the libraries he could. The work is not written on the bases of primary sources (although of the edited sources), but of secondary, and we might even say: of all secondary sources. And this is a great achievement, due to the second reason.
TítuloThe work of Kleinpenning is not a political history of Paraguay. It is neither his interest nor his intention to write and count a history of rulers and presidents and their realizations. But this does not mean that he denies the importance of the political history; in fact, the first part is a synthesis of it which aims to situate the reader within the context. This is not about choosing between one history and the other; much to the contrary, both of them (or all that can be written) are important, necessary, complementary. However, Kleinpenning approaches the history of Paraguay from the perspective of human geography, the discipline that studies the interrelationship between environment and human beings. Sometimes it resembles a economical history, sometimes a demographic history and also an ecological history. To approach history from this new perspective the author could not base himself on one single source because he was the first to do this. He had to read – and read between the lines – all the literature he cites, in long years of readings.

The Editors:
TítuloThis is the most exhaustive study ever published on Paraguay since the Conquista until the end of the War of the Triple Alliance.
TítuloFrom the perspective of historical geography Jan Kleinpenning approaches the economical and demographic development of Paraguay during three and a half centuries, with a systematic and detailed analysis of the settlement patterns, the use of labor, the regime of land ownership and of the diverse production activities, as well as size and composition of its population.
TítuloIn its thematic structure, this work not only comprises virtually all the relevant literature but also unites, sorts and compares critically all available statistic material for the period of 1515 through 1870.
TítuloIts rigorous treatment of the information, its numerous charts, maps and tables; detailed indices of persons and settlements, complete bibliography and its focus – distinct of and complementary to the traditional political history – make this book an indispensable reference work.
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Un balance de 350 años de actividad humana
TítuloEn los capítulos anteriores he descrito al Paraguay durante el período 1515-1870 con respecto a algunos temas de relevancia geográfica. En el tratamiento de cada tema se presentaron los cambios, en lo posible, en orden cronológico, lo que significa que se ofreció al lector una descripción, por ejemplo, de la colonización y del desarrollo del patrón de asentamiento desde la primera época del período colonial hasta la segunda mitad del siglo diecinueve. En los capítulos siguientes - como aquellos sobre la tierra, el trabajo y las actividades económicas - retorné otra vez al siglo diecisésis. Se esperaba que el lector mismo trazara vínculos cronológicos entre los diferentes "perfiles" históricos. En este capítulo adopto un enfoque difereten y presento algunos cortes transversales de orden histórico. Como es obvio esto se puede hacer sólo de manera muy resumida y es preciso que me limite a los asuntos importantes. Ofrezco a continuación un esbozo geográfico de la primera mitad del siglo dieciséis, hacia 1620, a fines del siglo diecisiete, hacia 1750, al final del período colonial, hacia 1840 y, por último, en los años 1864-65. (p. 759)

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