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Title: Formación de la familia paraguaya.
TítuloVol. I. Los inmigrantes
Title: (The Formation of the Paraguayan Family.
TítuloVol. I: The Inmigrants)
Subject: History of the Paraguayan family, sources
Authors: Margarita Durán Estragó, Martín Romano García
Format: 30x22x4,5 cm / 11.8x8.8x1,8 inches
Pages: 730
Publisher: El Tiempo de Historia 2011
ISBN: 9789996760976
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Margarita Durán Estragó, Martín Romano García

Formación de la familia paraguaya. Vol. I. Los inmigrantes
(The Formation of the Paraguayan Family. Vol. I: The Inmigrants)

The Editors:
Título: LThis work is divided in chapters corresponding to each of the books kept in the register of the Archdiocese and whose original title is a list of dates. These dates sometimes overlap, like in the case of the book 1776-1829 and the following, 1776-1807. Within each book/period, the documents do not necessarily follow in a chronological order. Hence the need to search the whole chapter when looking for a specific registration. The leaf number of each document refers only to the corresponding book. This is important if you wish to consult the original documents in the Curia where you will find certainly much more additional data.
Título: A special paragraph is dedicated to Brazilian persons who appear in large numbers since the occupation of Asunción in 1869 e 1870 and who were obliged to register their marital status. We call attention to two observations:
Título: - It is necessary to consider the Brazilian practice to give the maternal family name first and the paternal second. In Spanish use, however, the paternal family name is transmitted first. Therefore, e.g., because of his birth in Rio de Janeiro, Bernardino Bastos Wasmosy is the son of José Wasmosy e Ramona Bastos, but his children with Norberta Carmen Velilla are called, due to local habit, Wasmosy Velilla.
Título: - In Brazil there was a widespread use of “devotional names” like Maria das Chagas (the “wounds” of Jesus), Teresa da Conceição, and so on. This was more common among women, but occurs also among men. In these cases, such a name took the place of the last name without being it. Sometimes the habit made it appear as a family name, as in the case of Pereira da Luz, the above cited name “Chagas”, and others more, and it is possible that in the registers some of them already are converted into family names and therefore passed on to the descents.
Título: The geographical names need also a few explications. In some cases, they are attached to the original text, but there are certain general observations to be considered from the beginning:
Título: Between 1867 e 1918, the Austro-Hungarian Empire comprised a dozen of nationalities in territories that today include Austria, Hungary, Romania, part of Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Ukraine and Croatia, among others. Correspondently, there are several references to Dalmatia (in Croatia) and Italy (Tyrol) as parts of Austria.
Título: Likewise the reference to Syria does not correspond to the present country, but to the French Protectorate on “Great Syria” between 1920 and 1946 that gave origin to Syria, Lebanon and Israel. Thus, some documents have “Syria” when referring to Beirut, a city that is today the capital of Lebanon. Before becoming a French protectorate, “Great Syria” was part of the Ottoman Empire whose center was today’s Turkey. Therefore, the Syro-Lebanese immigrants were often summarily called “Turks” by the local population who preserved the memory of the political division before 1918, when the Empire fell apart.

SolteriaSolteria 1870 I

305 João Celestino da Silva* [número único de registro, nombre del novio, edad al sustanciar el expediente]
Lugar de nacimiento: Brasil - Alagoas
Domicilio: Humaitá - Paraguay
Padres: Manoel Baptista Vieira e Inés María da Conceição (fallecidos)
Novia: Dolores Gazeth (18)
Lugar de nacimiento: Paraguay - Villeta
Domicilio: Catedral - Asunción
Padres: Francisco Jiménez y Hovilán Gazeth (fallecidos)
Testigos: José Alberto Rodríguez y Feliciano Barboza (brasileños)
Fecha: 18/07/1870
Fojas: 152 - 153
Observaciones: * cabo de escuadra; documento en portugués
[datos que se consideraron relevantes o de interés]

SolteriaSolteria 1914-1915 I

2084 Milcíades Casabianca (30)
Lugar de nacimiento: Paraguay - Itauguá
Domicilio: La Encarnación - Asunción
Padres: Francisco Casabianca y Carmen Decoud
Novia: Leónidas Resoagli (18)
Lugar de nacimiento: Argentina - Corrientes
Domicilio: Catedral - Asunción
Padres: Antonio Resoagli (fallecido) y Filomena Díaz
Testigos: Filomena Díaz (47), paraguaya
Fecha: 29/04/1915
Fojas: 34-35 v.

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