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Title: Catálogo: Sección Historia del Archivo Nacional
Títulode Asunción
Título(Catalogue: Historical Section of the National Archive
Títuloof Asunción)
Subject: History, Catalogue, Paraguay - history
Year: 2007
Author: Andrea Tutté, Norma Ibañez de Yegros
Format: 21x30
Pages: 169
Publisher: Tiempo de Historia 2007
ISBN: 9789995381622
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Andrea Tutté, Norma Ibañez de Yegros

Catálogo: Sección Historia del Archivo Nacional de Asunción
(Catalogue: Historical Section of the National Archive of Asunción)

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Título: This is the first complete and printed catalogue, in public diffusion, of one of the most important collections of Asunción’s Archivo Nacional, the Historical Section, whose 449 volumes contain fundamental documents for the study of the history of Paraguay and the region, from the Title of Governor and General Captain granted to Pedro de Mendoza (1534) to the Memories of General Francisco Isidoro Resquín about Paraguay’s war against the Triple Alliance (1875).

Título: For decades, researches had to resort to photocopies of the typed catalogue for their consultation inside the Archive, a single copy with innumerous instances of imprecision in its description and dating of the documents. Based on that copy was realized an extensive and sorrow correcting process to precise dates, state lacks and improve descriptions little clear or too generic. The result is a synthesis of the different total or partial catalogues composed till this moment, enriched and corrected by the verification of the original documents and the transcriptions.

Título: Among the consulted sources are: El Primer Ensayo de Índice, published in 1909 by Viriato Díaz Pérez; El Catálogo de Documentos de la Sección Histórica, oeuvre by the tireless paleographer Doroteo Bareiro whose publication in the journal Guarania in 1935-1936 was not completed; La Lista de Contenidos Microfilmados of Asunción’s National Archive prepared by UNESCO; El Índice de Autos de la Revolución del Paraguay del 15 de mayo de 1811 (mimeographed edition prepared by the Paraguayan Academy of History), and the book Documentos jesuíticos del siglo XVIII en el Archivo Nacional de Asunción, by Ignácio Telesca, as well as transcriptions in the journal El Archivo Nacional de Asunción, the Colección Doroteo Bareiro and the book Actas Capitulares del Cabildo de Asunción del Paraguay.

Título: “In some years maybe we can say that we brought to a successful end the honorable but ungrateful task to put to the disposal of the Rioplata research the riches that the old Paraguayan Archive treasures until today, in spite of many lootings and several calamities”, Viriato Díaz Pérez wrote in 1909 when he published his Primer Ensayo de Índice na Revista del Instituto Paraguayo.

Título: The goal sketched by Díaz Pérez could not be reached fully without a printed catalogue of the Historical Section, inexistent until today. The present catalogue is a synthesis of different total or partial catalogues composed until this moment, enriched and corrected by the verification of the original documents and the transcriptions. […] For this purpose, we started by transcribing to an electronic archive the contents of the index cards instead of copying the typed catalogue, an much more laborious option, but with several advantages. Above reflecting with greater fidelity the actual contents, and correcting eventual errors and omissions, it permitted to diagnose the documents’ conservation state and detect cases of lost originals which had only a printed copy of the microfilm version conserved, a fact registered in the present work.

Título: The present Catálogo aims to facilitate the access to this huge documental richness, disseminating and deepening the work of those who during a century joined their efforts to classify and descript it. Ne­cessarily, this is a collective work that transcends generations and doubtlessly will be continued in the future with new editions and the publication of catalogues of other sections of the Archive.

Título: We hope that this Catálogo can be useful to scholars and users of the Archivo Nacional and that it may also benefit from corrections and contributions offered by them.