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Title: Educación, lenguas y culturas en el Mercosur.
TítuloPluralidad cultural e inclusión social en Brasil y en Paraguay
Subject: Linguistic, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism,
Assunto: Educational practices
Author: José Maria Rodrigues
Format: 16x22
Pages: 264
Publisher: CEADUC 2010
ISBN: 9789995376369
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José María Rodrigues (org.)

Educación, lenguas y culturas en el Mercosur. Pluralidad cultural e inclusión social en Brasil y en Paraguay
(Education, languages and cultures in the Mercosur [Common Market of Southern South America].
Cultural Plurality and Social Inclusion in Brazil and Paraguay)

tulo: Summary
Título: Originalidad en el análisis de fenómenos gramaticales por misioneros jesuitas en los siglos XVI y XVII en BrasilTítulo:
Título: (Originality in the analyses of grammatical phenomenon by Jesuit missionaries in the 16th and 17th centuries in Brazil)
Título: Aryon Dall'Igna Rodrigues (UNB)
Título: Pluralidade Cultural e Inclusão social ulo:
Título: (Cultural Plurality and Social Inclusion)
Título: Reinaldo Matias Fleuri (UFSC)
Título: Intervenção psicossocial no processo de inserção cultural: reflexão sobre o processo de integração lingüístico-cultural
Título: do MERCOSUL
Título: (Psycho-social intervention in the process of cultural insertion: reflection on the linguistic-cultural integration
Título: process of the MERCOSUL)
Título: Sylvia Dantas (UNIFESP)
Título: Etnicidade, identidade e fronteiras políticas: Processos de Etnogenese no Brasil Contemporâneo
Título: (Ethnicity, identity and political frontiers: Processes of Ethnogenese in Contemporary Brazil)
Título: Leandro Rocah (UFG)
Título: Os Guaraní nas fronteiras do Mercosul e suas demandas por políticas públicas adequadas
Título: (The Guarani at the frontiers of the Mercosul and their demands of adequate public politics)
Título: Antonio Brand (UCDB) - Marta Maria Azevedo (UNICAMP) - Rosa Colman (UCDB)
Título: El guaraní jesuítico sin jesuitas
Título: (The Jesuitical Guarani without Jesuits)
Título: Bartomeu Melià (UCA)
Título: Importancia de la lengua guaraní en el proceso de inclusión social
Título: (Importance of the Guarani language in the process of social inclusion)
Título: María Elvira Martínez de Campos (UNA)
Título: Préstamos lexicales en el guaraní contemporáneo
Título: (Lexical borrowings in contemporary Guarani)
Título: Domingo Aguilera Jiménez (UV)
Título: Actitudes sociolingüísticas de los guaranihablantes en España
Título: (Sociolinguistic attitudes of Guarani speaking persons in Spain)
Título: Soledad Acosta (UNA)
Título: Multilingüismo en un área urbana del Chaco paraguayo
Título: (Multilinguism in an urban area of the Paraguayan Chaco)
Título: Heddy Penner (UCA) - Lourdes Cabañas (UMA)
Título: Escritura y oralidad enlhet-enenlhet: sentido y significado de las publicaciones monolingües en la lengua autóctona
Título: (Scripture and orality enlhet-enenlhet: sense and significance of monolingual publications in the autochthon language)
Título: Hannes Kalisch - Nengvaanemkeskama Nempayvaam Enlhet

José María Rodrigues:

Título:Setting up an effective social agenda for the Mercosur presupposes the definition of educational and political strategies that contemplate the cultural diversity in all its dimensions and levels, given that the “Member States” that compose the block are immersed, like nearly all contemporary societies, in a multi-ethnical and multicultural reality.

Título:In this perspective, promoting the sinergy between all the segments of the Mercosur society – State and civil society – is fundamental for the aim of fostering the right of education in cultural and ethnical diversity. In the same sense it is necessary to launch a wide movement able to: 1) disseminate and develop educational methodologies for the insertion of themes related to the cultural and linguistic diversity in the everyday situation of the classes of institutions of higher education in Brazil and Paraguay; 2) promote discussions and reflections on intercultural and indigenous education in the mentioned countries at the light of the concept of cultural diversity; 3) consolidate the discussions of demographical analysis of the self-declared indigenous people and of Paraguay; 4) interchange experiences and information on the linguistic programs and politics implanted in both countries; 5) analyze and discuss concepts connected to the use of intercultural research methodologies as tools of systematization and knowledge production; 6) introduce Paraguay into the context of the Interchange Networks of experiences in indigenous education and Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE), such as the Rede de Educação para a Diversidade, created by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Brazil; 7) foster effectively the production of knowledge and the formation of human resources in intercultural education and indigenous education in the MERCOSUL, etc. In short, to treat education as the dorsal spine of the processes of integration and social inclusion in the Mercosur.
Título:Having in mind these aims, we organized the II International Seminary of Intercultural Bilingual Education and Indigenous Education, on July 22nd and 23rd, 2010, in the dependencies of the Brazilian Embassy in Asunción. In this second edition of the event we counted with the presence of scholars from USA, Europe and Africa, beside illustrious Latin-American researchers as Dr. Aryon Dall'Igna Rodrigues and Dr. Bartomeu Melià, the Seminary’s guests of honor and two of the most renowned specialists in the world in Amerindian languages and indigenous education.
Título:With intent to reflect on the importance of education as an instrument of effective linguistic-cultural integration and social inclusion into the Mercosur, we enlarged the event’s thematic scope and organized formative workshops on IBE and Indigenous Education which resulted in a broader participation of organizations of the civil society of Mercosur Member States, mainly from Paraguay and Brazil. The adoption of this strategy provided the participation of legitimate and fundamental interlocutors in this process of regional integration – representatives of minority groups and/or groups minorized by the society – which brought into the center of scholarly discussions questions related to social justice, preservation of their linguistic patrimony, and Human Rights.
TTítulo: In this sense, the purpose of the present publication is first of all to divulge the conferences given during the II Seminary IBE, thus offering to Brazilian and Paraguayan scholars and docents a collection of scientific articles, fruits of work of scholars committed to the struggle for social inclusion. On the other hand, in consonance with the Project AVAKOTEPA, through which we are organizing actions for the articulation of an intercultural education politics in Paraguay, we aim to facilitate the access to the reference documents, with intent to reduce the social and educational inequalities existent within the Mercosur.

TTítulo: Thus we hope that this book may contribute to the enrichment of the scientific-scholarly discussions inside each institution of higher education in Brazil and Paraguay, facilitating the elaboration of educational projects that advocate multiculturalism and multilinguism as one of the strongholds of cohesion and of social inclusion, towards the desiderate of a just and equitable society that guarantees the Human Rights for all ethnic groups composing the region.

TTítulo: Em suma, reiteramos nosso compromisso de apoiar a integração, a transferência de conhecimentos e a formação de novos profissionais, o que facilitará o desenvolvimento de uma política comum que defenda a pluralidade linguístico-cultural e promova a integração educacional no âmbito do MERCOSUL.Títul

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