Vulnerabilidade, Justiça e Feminismos
Title: (Vulnerability, Justice and Feminisms)
Subtitle: Antologia de textos
Subtitle: (Anthology of texts)
Subject: Feminist Theology
Year: 2010
Author: Ivone Gebara
Foreword: Margareth Rago
Format: 14x21
Pages: 256
Publisher: Nhanduti Editora
ISBN: 9788560990108
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Ivone Gebara surprised me vividly in a report published by the general press in the nineties, in which she showed an attitude of great rebellion and made pronouncements on abort that defended women’s rights in respect to their own bodies. A bit later, in other news, I discovered her giving conferences in the US institutions and at the same time living in Camaragibe, at the outskirts of Recife, among the poor population. But I think what me impressed most about the figure of this São Paulo born woman of Lebanese origin and with a PhD in philosophie was her unbent defense of Women’s Rights. After all, it is not every day that we meet a nun who ist a leftist, a feminist and has a solid philosophical training. It didn’t take me long to contact her with the idea to do a research on her person and thinking.
Since then, my discoveries have been progressive, and the contact with her books has been fascinating because of the perspicacity and boldness of her approach to crucial topics. In general, Ivone discusses a broad range of subjects and concepts – such as Christianity, tolerance, friendship, felicity, theology, the “human being”, lay state, fundamentalism, social relations – but in this anthology, some are special for the importance they acquire in her preoccupations, specially marked by the feminist critique in its multiple dimensions. For her point is not only to denounce the misogynist violence that leads to the exclusion of  women in past and present, or the disqualification of women’s cultures themselves. The feminism Ivone stands up for aims at the construction of new meanings and new looks for an interpretation of the past, at the recuperation of feminine agency in multiple spaces and moments, and also tries to open new possibilities of existence in our present time, starting from relationships with more solidarity between the classes, genders and ethnicities. All her reflections are about solutions for our present time.
Margareth Rago

In more than 30 texts written between 2001 and 2010, we meet the singular voice of Ivone Gebara. She involves us in a direct dialogue, invites us to think and to talk. She uses careful formulations intended not to hurt, but questions “evident” situations and thoughts. We find the Brazilian Northeast – so cherished by Ivone –, hunger, poor people, domination and violence, but also pleasure, mercy and the passion of friendship relationships, all this presented in a surprising way that helps to deal with difficult things.
So we meet once again her theology which does not concentrate only on the bad or only on the good, but shows a panorama that challenges our perspectives, provokes our own discernment. Her critiques of society and church are full of love, tenderness, serenity and clairvoyance – they are looking for a relational pluralism. Reading this book, you will not find many ready-to-apply answers, but in the texture of the meanings you will be taken to the longing for a new world, here and now, as a challenging horizon.
Lieve Troch

An anthology shows the vigor of an author’s thinking and its relevance for out times. Therefore it is a pleasure to have before your eyes, your mind and your heart the thinking of Ivone Gebara, a feminist theologian inserted in the life of the poor who uses her intelligence as an illuminating torch to daily life. Paying attention to what is not said because it is silenced and hidden, she reveals us how the NEW flares up in border experiences, in the liminality lived by women and poor people. It is a sample of the resistance to a forged history told privilegedly through the masculine, machist and patriarchal bias.
Ivone, with attentive eyes, an open and plain heart, a dedicated ear, a sharp tongue and skillful hands, offers us a deconstruction of the machist linearity to announce heterogeneity as the proper human condition, a precious good of peoples  and cultures. Thus she breaks with the epistemological barriers of hegemonic thinking and shares her everyday search that is a generative-creative spirituality of liberation.
Antonio de Lisboa Lustosa Lopes

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Ivone Gebara

Vulnerabilidade, Justiça e Feminismos
(Vulnerability, Justice and Feminisms. Anthology of texts)

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