Welcome to Nhanduti, an international publisher
that is glad to have been born
in Brazil, in Latin America, on the Planet Earth
to be a creatress of webs and nets:
together with you, we want to create
networks instead of centralizations
bridges instead of attacks
sharing instead of indoctrination
interchange instead of enemity
relations of partnership instead of domination.
Come in - the books are yours:
use them, recommend them, borrow them to others
- but please, don't copy them:
selling books helps us to produce more.
Take courage,
invent possibilities and gather people
to share and to mature own ideas,
comment to us,
tell us
and debate with us anything that called your attention.
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The name "Nhanduti" is borrowed from Guarani (South American native language and people) ñandu, spider, evoking the idea of the (spider) web, the "network" - ñandutí.

The term ñandutí refers also to the Paraguayan lace (see the beautiful example of our logotype) that served us an inspiration to describe the relations we would like to promote.

Welcome to Nhanduti Editora Publishing House